"Michael Neril and Jeremy Schneider (of Webb Investment Network) absolutely worked their posteriors off during our Series A raise."

"Michael helped with intros and to strategize on all responses and how to position ourselves. Jeremy tirelessly worked through deck revisions, honing the message, comparing to other successful raise decks, etc."

"I know this goes without saying, but they are good examples of how important it is that founders select investors that are going to make a material difference in their companies. Just wanted to pass along this positive recommendation."

Jason McCay, Co-Founder, MongoHQ

"Maynard is a Silicon Valley legend, he is (or has been) on the board of Salesforce, AdMob, Skype, Yahoo. An hour spent speaking with him is often the most valuable hour of that quarter, in terms of the advice he can give based on his hands-on roles at eBay etc."

"Normally he flies under the radar in the press, but I imagine that with his book coming out, he'll be doing a bit more pr etc. and this can only be a good thing for him to get more exposure in front of the startup community, as he just loves helping young entrepreneurs."

"WIN has without doubt been one of our best investors. We were skeptical when we first heard of it, as the setup is very atypical, but Maynard has put together an awesome team in Michael, Jeremy, Kevin & Dena and the fund is structured very clearly in a way that is for maximum impact, not maximum profit for Maynard. WIN helped us bring in Scott McNealy and other great investors and I highly recommend WIN to any entrepreneurs looking for an exceptionally value-add investor."

Jack Smith, Co-Founder, Vungle

"I wanted to thank you for putting together such an amazing investment team.  Your team has added so much value to our business.  Michael has been incredibly proactive in reaching out and providing tangible advice and strategic guidance.  The matching program that Jeremy S. is running has picked two phenomenal mentors – Jeremy King and Matt Fisher.  Jeremy K. has been instrumental in helping us to shape our strategy to sell into enterprise advertisers.  Matt has provided phenomenal sales advice and has introduced us to a number of great selling resources. I just wanted to thank you for the overall quality and earnestness of everyone who has been involved.  I am delighted that we have WIN as investors."

David Greenbaum, Founder & CEO, BoostCTR

"After meeting with Maynard and seeing the passion that he and his team have for entrepreneurs, we ensured a spot in our funding round for WIN. Working with the WIN team has been extremely fulfilling. They are consistently supportive and provide expertise in many domains."

Tomer Kagan, CEO, Quixey

“Maynard, Michael and the entire WIN team continue to be a tremendous asset to LockPath. The knowledge and wisdom generously offered by the Affiliates has been invaluable as we rapidly scale our company. As Maynard says, “Results equals results.” And WIN delivers results far more valuable than an investment.”

Chris Caldwell, President & CEO, LockPath, Inc.

"WIN helps you win. Plain and simple. We would not be where we are today without Maynard’s vision and commitment. He and his team saw the opportunity immediately and has been a huge supporter since the beginning. His resources, his network, and the quality of his relationships are unparalleled."

Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville

"He's one of the best systems guys in the world ... It's a real stamp of credibility if he invests in something." 

Marc Andreessen, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

"Maynard delivers.  Lots of people just talk about how they'll help you, but Maynard makes it happen - fast.  He makes time to give great advice and pushes us to think really big.  He's never hesitated to instantly open his network to us, which has been amazing for funding, customers, and advice."

Daniel Debow, Co-CEO Rypple

"Taking an investment from WIN was never really about the money for us. When we found out that Maynard Webb was putting together a seed fund, we were very excited about the prospect of working with him, as his reputation precedes him.  Also, when we heard about WIN's affiliate model, that was really the icing on the cake."

Yuri Sagalov, Co-Founder & CEO, AeroFS

"WIN provides way more than just funding. Its vast network of affiliates, made up of serial entrepreneurs and top executives, has a vested interest in the success of its portfolio companies and provides tremendous help, insights and introductions. WIN is truly an amazing partner who understands what it takes to build a successful company and will help you get there."

Philippe Suchet, Founder & CEO, Zappli

"Maynard has been a valuable advisor and a trusted mentor throughout AdMob's journey.   He encouraged us when things were hard, and challenged us if we ever got soft.  All teams need coaches, and in the world of tech, there are few better than Maynard."

Omar Hamoui, AdMob (acquired by Google)

"Maynard was invaluable to AdMob where, as a board member, he was a strong advocate for our efforts to invest in scalable infrastructure and the overall technical capabilities of the company.  Maynard's influence was key in helping us to establish a technical operations focus that allowed us to balance the opposing demands of exploding traffic, meager operational resources, and a need to drive continuous performance improvements for our customers.  Overall, Maynard's experience, insight, openness, and genuine desire to see both me and AdMob succeed played a huge part in the great outcome that we achieved."

Kevin Scott, AdMob (acquired by Google)

"In 2004 when I was incubating Baynote, I went to the then eBay COO Maynard for feedback and advice. At the time, few people understood the concept of wisdom of crowds, but Maynard had the foresight of rating the importance of information discovery an 11 out of 10, and offering connections to potential customers and investors. Maynard became the first independent board member for Baynote and an individual investor. He was tremendously helpful in all aspects of building a technology start-up from innovation to team building and leadership to execution. Maynard is one of the busiest executives I know in Silicon Valley, yet he is the most available, down-to-earth and responsive coach at the same time. If I send him a note for help, I’ll ALWAYS get a response back in 10 minutes. Baynote went on to become one of the fastest growing startups, and Maynard had a big hand in that success as a board member, investor and mentor!"

"One story I heard about Maynard says it all: Maynard was giving advice to his staff at eBay on how to measure a true leader. He says: Today, people listen and respect you because you are VP-this, CX-that. Imagine 20 years from now that you have retired and are sitting on a park bench, your old colleagues pass by you, would they turn around to shake your hand and thank you?"

Jack Jia, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Baynote, Founding CTO, Interwoven

"Maynard is one-of-a-kind: entrepreneur-friendly, deeply technical and with 30 years of hands-on operating experience at the highest levels in the technology industry.  His instincts and insights are invaluable to us. I feel lucky to count him as an investor and as a friend."

Joseph Einhorn, Founder/CEO, Thingd

"Maynard Webb walks on water, and if you are fortunate enough to have his counsel, advice, critique, wisdom and support, you will succeed beyond your dreams  -- as long as you don't screw it up!"

Monty Kersten, CEO, VitalSigns (acquired by INS)