WIN portfolio companies are led by passionate entrepreneurs who are building innovative and transformative technology solutions that seek to disrupt a wide variety of industries.  WIN and our network of over 80 Affiliates are committed to providing on-demand advice and mentorship to each portfolio company.



AeroFS is developing an enterprise file syncing platform that eliminates the need for servers.


Applifier helps game and app publishers of all sizes grow their applications through cross promotion.


Our mobile advertising platform gives advertisers the power to reach their target audience in measurable ways. 


Mobile app optimization and testing platform on the cloud.


Badgeville has developed a user engagement platform that drives customer participation and loyalty for online content publishers and  brands with an online presence.


Stealth start-up working on Big Data Analytics.


BoostCTR is a tool for advertisers to outsource ad writing and testing.



Application platform for payment cards.


Diffbot provides a set of APIs that enable developers to easily use web data in their own applications.


Epic! is the first ALL-YOU-CAN-READ eBook service for kids, designed to get kids to love reading! We provide an epic reading experience by letting kids choose and instantly access the books they want to read without the need to download or purchase them one by one.


Everwise connects professionals with the people and insights that can help them succeed at every stage of their career. 


Grubwithus builds friendships over food. Reserve a seat to meet new people and discover new neighborhoods and food.


Hangtime, Inc., the company intent on upgrading your social life, launched the first and only app that maps friends’ social future, eliminating the millions of missed opportunities to be with friends.


HelloSign is the easy way to sign documents.  HelloSign takes paper out of the equation.  You'll never need to print, sign and scan documents again!


Hipmunk is a next generation online travel company focused on providing the fastest, easiest way to plan travel.

Ionic Security

Ionic Security takes a comprehensive approach to securing data in today’s borderless enterprise by providing access control, intellectual property monitoring, data encryption and policy management, without proxies or gateways or changes in user behavior.


Koality is a deployed continuous integration platform that parallelizes your test suites, prevents broken builds, and works behind your firewall.


LiveLoop is a new PowerPoint plugin that lets you and your colleagues to work on the same document at the same time, seeing everyone else's changes in true real-time.

Local Response

Local Response helps marketers respond to real-time consumer intent.


LockPath is a SaaS based provider of innovative GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) applications.


Luminate, Inc. (previously known as Pixazza, Inc.) is the worldwide leader in making images interactive serving more than 150 users each month and 30 billion image views per year.


Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started.


MongoHQ is the hosted database solution for getting your applications up and running on MongoDB, fast. 


Nebula’s mission is to enable all businesses to easily, securely, and inexpensively build large scale-out computing infrastructures.


Okta provides a cloud application management service that allows companies to transform their various cloud applications into an intelligent and integrated Cloud Area Network™. Companies can control their users, applications, and data both in the cloud and behind the firewall.


Opscode is building an infrastructure automation platform.


PagerDuty is the “9-1-1 dispatch” system for IT, helping operations engineers, DevOps and developers resolve IT system problems as quickly as possible.


Panorama offers a data analytics for public education. Panorama helps schools improve through feedback from students, parents, and teachers.


Pepperdata brings an unprecedented level of control to Hadoop, letting you ensure that your critical production jobs safely complete on time, while making any unused capacity available to your users for their other jobs.

Pindrop Security

Pindrop Security provides enterprise solutions that detect and protect against phone-based fraud. Pindrop’s breakthrough phone fingerprinting technology is the first of its kind to detect fraudulent calls and authenticate legitimate callers, helping customers eliminate financial losses and reduce operational costs.


Polar is a super-fast and easy way to create and vote on great-looking photo polls.


PureWave Networks is a developer of compact mobile WiMAX (802.16e) base stations and LTE small cell base stations.


Quixey, The Search Engine for Apps, is the most intuitive, simple way to find apps. Quixey powers app search for international mobile manufacturers, carriers, search engines and web platforms.


The world’s largest peer to peer carsharing marketplace.


RethinkDB is a persistent, industrial-strength key-value store with full support for the Memcached protocol.

Science Exchange

Science Exchange is an online marketplace for science experiments. Science Exchange makes it easier for researchers to access core resources across institutions.


StarMobile is a disruptive, cloud-based solution that delivers enterprise mobility at a fraction of the cost and time of any other approach.


TakeLessons offers online to offline marketplace for customers to find a trusted, certified, TakeLessons instructor in over 3,000 cities across the USA.


TapSense takes a platform approach to mobile app discovery and allows marketers to easily promote their apps, drive downloads, and measure performance.


tenXer is a productivity analytics tool that helps engineers be more productive and gain insights on their work habits using data from cloud based services.

Upstream Commerce

Upstream Commerce helps retailers compete more effectively with its groundbreaking, cloud-based solution that provides real-time, comprehensive, and insight-rich competitive retail intelligence. Among its clients are leading North American and European retailers, many of which are on the Internet Retailer 500 list.


Voxer is a Walkie Talkie application for smartphones. Voxer lets you send instant audio, text and photo messages to your friends (one or more!).


Vungle is helping mobile apps promote themselves through video trailers.


WePay is an online payments platform for individuals, organizations, and businesses. WePay helps people sell tickets to events, send invoices, sell items online, and accept donations online. 


Helping Corporate IT extend their enterprises by embracing employee owned devices, providing a seamless user experience, gaining unprecedented visibility and control.


The must-have growth tool for mobile apps. The most advanced analytics platform dedicated to mobile growth.


Zanbato is the premier technology platform for the infrastructure asset class. Our mission is to enhance the speed and efficiency of asset sales and capital raises by building technology to facilitate the work of financial advisors and potential financiers in transactions.


Zuora is the leader in online recurring billing and payment solutions for Saas and subscription businesses.