Maynard Webb


Maynard Webb is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry. An active leader in the technology and business community, Maynard serves as a board member, investor, philanthropist and mentor to young entrepreneurs.
As the founder of the Webb Investment Network (WIN), a seed investment firm dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs, Maynard brings his experience developing and leading high-growth companies.  WIN provides its portfolio companies with mentorship and on-demand access to an affiliate network of over 80 industry experts.
Maynard is the co-founder of Everwise.  Everwise provides workplace mentoring solutions. Through a data-driven matching process, Everwise connects professionals with mentors who can help them succeed at every stage of their career.
Webb is the Chairman of the Board at Yahoo!.  He also serves on the board at and Visa. Previously, he was the chairman and CEO of LiveOps, a cloud based call center with a community of 20,000 agents.  Prior to LiveOps, he was the COO of eBay, where he created organizational processes and day-to-day structures that enabled eBay to grow from $140 million in revenue to more than $6 billion in 2006. Webb has also served on several public and private boards including Gartner (NYSE: IT), Niku (NASD: NIKU), Extensity (NASD: EXTN), Hyperion (NASD: HYSL), Peribit (acquired by Juniper Networks), Baynote, and AdMob (acquired by Google) where he was also one of the first investors.
In 2004, he and his wife created the Webb Family Foundation, which provides underprivileged, motivated young individuals access to quality education and supports individuals who are struggling against the odds to make a positive impact on the world through innovation and hard work.
Webb lives in Silicon Valley with his wife Irene.